Why Choose Engineered Timber Flooring?

Timber flooring can create a magnificent atmosphere in any style of home, but with so many varieties available, how do you know which flooring will suit your home best? This article outlines the benefits of installing engineered timber flooring in your home.


Timber flooring is the most timeless floor covering suiting a variety of styles including rustic, industrial and modern homes. The typical wooden appearance has been creating an inviting atmosphere for any living space for many decades. Today, engineered timber flooring has become one of the most common types of wooden flooring used globally, due to its versatility, convenience and durable nature.



Engineered timber floors, commonly known as ‘floating floors’ are designed to outlast traditional timber flooring. It consists of a number of plywood layers which inter-connect. The fibres found in these plywood layers cross uniquely, giving the material a stable structure, where-as traditional timber floors have fibres that run parallel. A timber veneer sits on top of the plywood and provides another layer for durability and strength. This layered construction that distinguishes engineered timber flooring allows for harsher treatment and environments that traditional timber simply cannot withstand such as changing climate, dirt, scratches and every day wear and tear. Engineered floors are also extremely simple to maintain with their hard exterior surface which can easily be swept or mopped. Traditional hardwood floors on the other hand may need to be oiled, stained or sanded back to achieve that new floor appearance.


Why Choose Engineered Timber Flooring?



The growing popularity of engineered floorboards has further improved the wide variety of colours, styles and finishes which can give the homeowner a more flexible approach to designing the flooring for their home. Progression within engineered flooring technology means that the floorboards can closely replicate the texture of solid wood which features all the knots and imperfections, making it look extremely similar to the appearance of solid timber flooring, should you be looking to achieve a natural or rustic aesthetic.



Engineered timber floorboards are much easier to install into the home than traditional hardwood floors. There is a greater range of installation methods, including glue, fold and lock, nailing etc where as solid timber flooring can only be nailed or stapled down. Engineered timber can also withstand a greater amount of moisture than traditional wood. This is because the structure is more stable which means it is less likely to warp and expand when coming into contact with moisture. Due to its versatility, it can be installed in almost any room of the house for multiple applications.




Engineered timber is also recognised for its sustainability when compared with traditional timber. Many types of exotic wood can take a number of years to mature and grow, which can lead to heavy de-forestation in certain areas. Engineered timber features a top veneer layer of wood which is only around 6-10 mm thick, meaning that the wood from the tree can go a lot further and produce much more flooring. The middle layers of engineered flooring also incorporate environmentally friendly materials, with most of the wood coming from a sustainable source. Make sure to always look for sustainable floorboards that are PEFC certified to ensure that all the wood comes from a reputable source.


Engineered timber flooring is becoming increasingly popular throughout many different styles of homes. It is renowned for its durability, practicality and simple installation. If you’re searching for professional engineered timber flooring supply and installation in South East Melbourne, Bayside or the Mornington Peninsula contact us at the Ministry of Flooring. We cater for all types of homes to ensure that everyone has access to quality, affordable floors for their homes. All of our selected products are carefully selected based on their quality, suitability, affordability and sustainability.


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